Below are some of the frequently asked questions posed by our customers. Got a question that doesn’t appear here? Let us know

How does Neworld Web Connect work?
Neworld Web Connect is a browser based email marketing program that allows you to create emails and autoresponders then send them to a large list of people. You can schedule the sending of an email and use many other features designed to save you time, and give you the peace of mind that your emails are getting through to your contacts.

Why do I need Neworld Web Connect?
If you send out more than one email at a time then Neworld Web Connect is for you. Neworld Web Connect handles the sending of bulk email by breaking up large contact lists into small pieces so as not to be caught by spam filters or email server throttles. Not only that, but you can send out autoresponders, to inform or up-sell your contacts.

Does Neworld Web Connect avoid spam filters?
There are several features which Neworld Web Connect offers to avoid having your emails caught in spam filters. First, Neworld Web Connect breaks up the sending of your emails into groups of 10-20 emails so as not to appear to email servers as spam. Also, Neworld Web Connect allows you to check your email for spam keywords before sending so that you can eliminate sending emails that would be blocked by many filters. Finally, Neworld Web Connect allows you to process bounced emails, deactivating contacts with addresses that don’t exist so as not to blacklist your email address on their server.

How many emails can I send at once?
Because of Neworld Web Connect’s ability to break up the sending of emails to large contact lists, you can send bulk emails to 1-5,000 contacts and beyond.
How many contact lists can I have?
Neworld Web Connect allows you have unlimited contacts in unlimited contact lists for one low monthly price.

Does the price rise depending on how many contacts I have?
Your price for Neworld Web Connect will never rise. Although we may increase the price of our unlimited monthly service, your price will never increase so long as you maintain your regular user account.

How much does Neworld Web Connect cost?
Currently Neworld Web Connect costs $20/month. Our commitment to you is the monthly cost will not go up in price so long as you are using the system.

I only send a newsletter quarterly, are there any discounts?
At this point we are not able to allow discounts beyond the low monthly price.

Is Neworld Web Connect a database?
Sort of, Neworld Web Connect is an email marketing program, but it can also be used to capture information that you or your contacts provide. Some of our clients have found Neworld Web Connect to be an excellent program to compliment their existing client database or act as a basic CRM.

Do I need to understand HTML code or have prior web design knowledge to use the program?
No prior experience or knowledge of email marketing or websites is required to use Neworld Web Connect. When you have created an account, consult our video tutorials to learn how to use the program.

Does Neworld Web Connect install on my computer?
No, Neworld Web Connect is browser-based. That means you access the program online from any computer.

Are there any browser requirements?
Neworld Web Connect works best in Internet Explorer V.7 or higher. It also works in Firefox and Mac browsers.

I have a large existing contact list, can I import it?
Yes, when you have logged into your account click >contacts>import contacts. You will need to have your contacts compiled in a CSV (comma separated variable) file in order to import to Neworld Web Connect properly.

Can I back up my contact lists?
Yes, all you have to do is log into the control panel click >contacts>export contacts. You will be able to export your list in CSV or XML format.

Can I create an email that looks the same each time I send it?
Yes, Neworld Web Connect allows you to use any of our over 50 built in templates in addition to this you can create a custom template specific to your company.

How does Neworld Web Connect compare to other email marketing programs?
To our knowledge, we are the only email marketing software on the market which offers an unchanging monthly fee. Other companies charge their monthly rates on a sliding scale based on how many contacts you have, but we feel that you shouldn’t be punished for growing your contact list so we offer our services for a low monthly fee for unlimited emails which doesn’t change so long as you have an account with us.

Can you design a template for me?
Yes, custom design templates, unique to your business are available for $50. To arrange to have a custom template built, contact us at:

How do I login?
To login simply navigate to and enter your username and password. If you would like to create an account visit our sign up page.

Can someone handle my mail for me?
Yes, we offer a VA service and would be more than happy to facilitate your mail and handle your account for you, saving you even more time and allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. To arrange for a consultation with our virtual assistant, contact us at

How can I learn to use Neworld Web Connect?
Neworld Web Connect comes complete with access to our Free Video Tutorial series and our user FAQ section.