Email Campaigns Specific To Your Company’s Image

Make each communication you send, an opportunity to brand yourself. By personalizing each email, you make your correspondence recognizable and create a greater opportunity for your contacts to refer you.

Marketing Made Easy With Autoresponders

Contact new entries on your lists automatically. Create emails once and then have them sent on a schedule when a contact joins your list. Make the emails personalized increasing your chances of response or conversion.

Sign Up Contacts From Your Website

Save yourself time and generate leads automatically from your website when you use the form creator in Neworld Web Connect.

Improve Your Communication With Stats

View whether people open, follow links or forward your emails using our powerful stat tracker. Automatically applied to each email, the statistics offer helpful feedback for improving your correspondence with your contact base.


Neworld Web Connect is used by businesses and organizations in a variety of fields. The program makes sending promotions, company info and emails easy and consistent. Combine this with our commitment to customer support, and you have a reliable and affordable solution that will create success for your business while saving you time and money.