Neworld Web Connect Terms and Conditions of Use

I understand that by agreeing to the terms and conditions listed on this page, I am expected to use the Neworld Web Connect system for the marketing of my company only and not for the direct marketing of any other company but my own, without express written consent of the administrator.

I agree that I will email only to contacts that have expressed consented to receive emails from myself or my company. If I am bringing in contacts that were acquired elsewhere by other means, I understand that it is my responsibility to verify that consent has been given by these contacts to send emails to them using Neworld Web Connect. I agree to not send emails that attempt to deceive the recipient or represent another company other than my own. I agree to include an unsubscribe link in all correspondence. I will not continue to email contacts that have unsubscribed from a list or who’s emails have bounced.

I understand that I can be removed at any time from the Neworld Web Connect System if the administrators believe that I am “spamming” the public or acting in any other manner that the administrators feel is without integrity.  I understand that if my account is disabled I will be contacted via email by the administrator to discuss the matter and my re-admittance into the system is at their discretion.  I understand that if my actions are deemed in violation that no monies will be returned to me and my account may remain disabled indefinitely.

If I am sending emails from Canada and/or to Canadian contacts I agree to abide by the Canadian Anti Spam Legislation, and I understand that it is my responsibility to know and follow these guidelines. (For more information please visit:

I understand that Neworld Web Connect makes regular backups of the Neworld Web Connect system. I also understand that if the situation arises where my data is lost I cannot hold Neworld Web Connect responsible. I agree to back up my contact lists and retain copies of email campaigns on a regular schedule so I don’t run the risk of losing valuable information.

Automatic payments to Neworld Web Connect are the client’s responsibility to monitor. A two month ($40CDN + tax) fee will apply if a yearly payment is made by the client in error (before or after the client notifies our office of cancellation of services)

I agree to pay all fees to Neworld Web Connect within the timeframes specified, and if I am found to be in violation of this my account will be disabled until said fees are paid.